2024 Grand Wagoneer

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  • Overview

    A white 2024 Grand Wagoneer is angled left.

    The 2024 Grand Wagoneer is a premiere and prestigious SUV that has recently entered its fourth and most exciting generation. It redefines luxury and class, forcing all other SUVs to try and reach its level—but none yet has. No, the SUV market has yet to see one quite as elegant as the Grand Wagoneer, with its dark and silver glossy exterior that exudes both class, speed, and comfort.

    The look of the Grand Wagoneer makes certain that all eyes are upon it, whether it’s cruising down the highway or resting in a driveway. Its narrow front grille and matching headlights give it a sardonic smile that promises it’ll be remembered by all who see it in action.

    This is a large SUV, too, with plenty of spacious seating and room for all the luggage you can dream of carrying. Its size comes with power, which is why it can tow plenty, too, outdoing many pickup trucks. It expands the possibilities of every driver’s life, promising more memorable vacations and the ability to better handle usually monotonous tasks, like moving furniture or supplies.

    The Grand Wagoneer combines the best of many worlds, giving you a fun yet spacious drive and plenty of seating while still being able to tow and store equipment. The 2024 Grand Wagoneer serves almost all types of drivers in Kentucky, and we want to walk you through the specifics of what it has to offer.

    Here at Zimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we’ve seen time and again how this new generation of the Grand Wagoneer wows our customers with its performance, capability, and luxury.


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  • Performance

    A white 2024 Grand Wagoneer is shown parked near a barn.

    You can toss aside any notion that an SUV means sacrificing power and speed. The Grand Wagoneer arrives on the scene with some considerably impressive engines along with great acceleration and a high towing limit. If you’re someone who likes to know you have a lot of capability with your vehicle, then you’re going to love what the 2024 Grand Wagoneer has to offer you and your family.

    For 2024, the Grand Wagoneer arrives with a more powerful standard engine: a 3.0L Hurricane Twin Turbo that produces 510 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. This lets you ride smoothly at high speeds; there’ll be none of the unpleasant sensations where it feels like your vehicle is struggling to keep pace, almost coughing as it tries to get ahead.

    Even better? You’re going to have some amazing acceleration. You’ll be able to go from zero to sixty in a little under five seconds. You won’t have to worry about getting caught on a highway entrance ramp, nor will you have to worry about falling behind on the freeway; you’ll be setting the pace with your Grand Wagoneer, and you’ll feel empowered while doing it.

    You get more out of your engine than just speed and a reliable ride, however. You can also tow with this SUV. You can hitch up to 9,800 lbs to the Grand Wagoneer. This means it's capable of towing a camper or boat that weighs more than the Grand Wagoneer itself. You’ll find that your vacation spots and activities will increase now that you can bring so much more with you. Friends and family will be letting you set the destination because they know you’re the one who can bring the fun.

  • Interior

    The black and brown interior and dash of a 2024 Grand Wagoneer is shown.

    Despite all the power the Grand Wagoneer comes with, its interior is still quiet. You can be roaring down the highway, but you won’t have to put up with a loud engine sound thanks to the body’s design. You and your passengers will be coasting in comfort and relative silence; conversation will be easy, and music will play so well that you’ll think you have front-row seats to see your favorite band.

    You can have seating for up to eight—and we really do mean up to eight. Some SUVs claim to have that amount of seating but have a third row that can only fit children. Not the Grand Wagoneer! Any adult can sit in the third row and still travel in comfort thanks not only to the luxurious seats but also to the available skylight. This is an SUV designed to keep every passenger happy no matter how long the trip is, and there’s no bad seat in this house.

    All that comfortable seating doesn’t mean cargo volume takes a hit, though. While volume depends on the trim, you can have up to 44 cu.ft. of storage behind the third row for whatever luggage you’re bringing with you. If you’re traveling alone but need to transport a lot of equipment or furniture, then you can place the third and second rows down, giving you close to 100 cu.ft. of room. You’ll have no storage issues with your Grand Wagoneer.

    The interior also has a plethora of screens so that all passengers have access to tech and can enjoy themselves when a long trek is in the cards. The Grand Wagoneer is designed to make even the furthest journey comfortable and fun for all onboard. Every inch of its interior is crafted with ease and comfort in mind.

  • Technology

    A close-up of the infotainment center in a 2024 Grand Wagoneer is shown.

    The 2024 Grand Wagoneer comes with an enormous amount of tech to keep you entertained, safe, and effective on the road. All three rows of seats can have touchscreens if you so desire; this lets everyone enjoy infotainment in their own way. You can connect your devices to these screens, too, thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; music, playlists, and movies will be yours and your passengers to enjoy.

    The touchscreens are ten inches, which is just the right size—large enough that management is easy but not too large as to be obtrusive. All three rows have access to USB ports, too, so that no one has to worry about their devices losing power. And for anyone who wants it, there’ll be a Wi-Fi hotspot they can use, as well; no one will be without entertainment during a long journey.

    Sound in your SUV will be top-tier thanks to the industry first McIntosh Reference Entertainment System that has 23 speakers. There won’t be anyone in your SUV complaining about not being able to hear the sound well. This luxury entertainment system will make the trip just as enjoyable as the destination.

    The 2024 Grand Wagoneer is packed with safety systems. For instance, if you’re worried about parking a larger SUV, you won’t need to, thanks to the ParkSense Automated Parking System, as this tool detects the lines that signify a space and can use the brake and throttle to place your SUV right where you need to go.

    Other safety systems are similarly smart, like the Pedestrian and Cyclist Automatic Braking, which does exactly what is in its name; if the Grand Wagoneer senses a pedestrian or a cyclist, it can warn the driver and automatically brake so no collision occurs. The extra second or two of braking time this provides before you're able to react can be extraordinarily important.

    Your Uconnect 5 system provides you with excellent navigation tech that has up-to-date maps—both 2D and 3D, depending on which you prefer—and outstanding course charting abilities. Combine this with all of the Grand Wagoneer’s security and safety programs, and you’ll be able to travel without anxiety, enjoying all your Grand Wagoneer has to offer you.

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