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Are you looking for a family SUV? Do you want something a little on the wild side so that you can go off-roading on your days off? Or are you just looking to find a better day-to-day commuter? No matter what sort of SUV you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it at Zimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, your dedicated SUV dealer.

When you visit us, you’ll witness a wide variety of SUVs, from new to used, from Jeep to Ford and Toyota. You can take a look at what we’ve got, take a few out for a test drive, and meet with our financial experts to arrange your terms of purchase. We’d be happy to tell you about a used vehicle's history as well as what’s available for new vehicles if you want to upgrade before driving off the lot. We’re sure we have the SUV for you, and we’re excited to show you all our great options!

A gray 2023 Jeep Renegade is shown parked near a mall.

Shop the Newest SUVs at Zimmer CDJR

We enjoy seeing how the auto industry improves upon previous year models; there are several ways in which automotive brands keep things fresh with their vehicles, like redesigning areas like the front and back fascia, grille, and seating upholstery. You might also see additions or upgrades in tech and safety equipment, either standard across all trim levels or extras that come or can be installed on higher trim levels. You might also see new paint color options, special edition trims, or other nifty changes for a new model year.

If you’re contemplating buying a new SUV, you may want to consider some of these changes and see which ones you’re most interested in so you know what questions to ask your sales associate. Do you want the base trim level or something a bit more luxurious? Did you eye a new paint color for your preferred SUV and want to see it in person? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your next SUV, from the mechanical to the cosmetic.

When you shop for a new SUV at Zimmer CDJR, you can relax and enjoy the experience. We want you to be able to look around, make inquiries, and take a seat inside multiple vehicles without worrying that you’re wasting time. We welcome your visits and would love to get to know you; your visit will help us learn what you'd like to see in your next SUV. We’ll even be able to help you narrow down your choices until we find the perfect one for you!

So, any chance you get to visit us, we’d love to see you! Building a relationship is beneficial because it allows you to drive off the lot in your new SUV with confidence, not only in yourself but in our dealership and the brand of your choosing.

A silver 2023 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon is shown driving on mud.

Find a Formidable Dodge SUV

Are you a Dodge fan who wants to explore their latest SUVs? You’ve two great choices: the Dodge Hornet and the Dodge Durango. The Hornet seats up to five people, with plenty of room for cargo like luggage, groceries, or pet supplies. It’s on the bigger side of small SUVs, which means it’s comfortable and airy, as opposed to the narrower cabins of lesser models. If you’re looking to get a vehicle that has good fuel economy and functions as a family or professional vehicle, then you’ll love the Dodge Hornet.

If you need something bigger, you can go with the Dodge Durango, which can seat up to seven. While it is definitely the Hornet’s bigger older brother, it still gets pretty good fuel economy ratings for its size. If you’ve got a lot of hauling and towing to do—or that you want to be able to do—and you need a vehicle that can also carry passengers and cargo, then you should take a look at the Dodge Durango. It will surprise you with its suave exterior and sporty demeanor.

Peruse Jeep’s Unique SUV Lineup

You’re probably familiar with a few Jeep SUVs already—the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and the Wrangler. What you may not know is that, aside from these, Jeep has three other SUVs to choose from—the Compass, Gladiator, and the Renegade. Are you looking for something on the sporty side that can handle some rugged off-roading? Take a look at the Gladiator, a 4x4 Jeep truck. Not sure you want something geared toward the outdoors, but do you still want the potential for adventure? The Jeep Renegade is worth checking out.

The Jeep Compass is quite a different beast, unique to the Jeep SUV lineup in that it is a polished, more reserved Jeep than its companions—but that doesn’t mean it only does well in urban and suburban areas; it can still off-road with the best of them, especially with its best-in-class standard horsepower and torque. If you’re looking for something that sits sedately at the office until it’s time to head off into the wilderness for the weekend, then the Compass was meant for you.

No matter what style of SUV you’re into, Jeep has a model just right for you. When you visit, ask about our Jeep SUVs, and we’ll show you why they’re still so popular after all these years!

A silver 2023 Jeep Compass is shown driving on a city street after visiting a SUV dealer.

A Great Selection of Used SUVs

Are you looking for a reliable vehicle but don’t want to commit to a newer model? We also carry a great selection of used SUVs from brands like Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet. The latter's Traverse is quite popular among suburban families, while smaller SUVs like Ford’s Edge are an excellent choice for those who live in bigger cities, as they can still haul and tow but take up less space.

We know that sometimes buying a new SUV isn’t feasible or isn’t the best choice for you at the moment, which is why we carry a wide variety of used SUVs that are perfect in roles like a second family vehicle, new driver vehicle, or commuter. You can always take a look at what used SUVs we have in our online inventory, but to get an idea of what’s on the lot and available to take on a test drive, call our office and ask to speak to an associate or drop by the dealership and let us know what you’re looking for. Used SUVs hold a lot of value and can last for quite some time without any major repairs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our used SUVs, and we know you’ll appreciate them, too.

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