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You know what you want in your everyday ride—and when that includes a high level of performance, a bold attitude, and legendary engineering, you're going to want to look to Dodge. Of course, you probably already know that. If you've been searching for a "Dodge dealer near me" and want to experience five-star service and an unmatched inventory, you'll want to head to Zimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

You'll find plenty of Dodge models here, ranging from high-impact roadsters to capable commuters and family travelers, making Dodge one of the best brands on the market for devoted drivers. You want your vehicle to bring some serious value to your time on the road—and when you want a dealership that exhibits expert-level knowledge about the influential Dodge brand, as well as a vast and impressive inventory to select from, you'll want Zimmer CDJR.

A grey 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT is shown from the side doing a burnout after leaving a Dodge dealer near you.

The History of Dodge

The Dodge Brothers Company is considered a pioneer of the auto industry, having been founded in 1910. Originally designing bicycles some years prior, brothers Horace and John Dodge quickly made a name for themselves by opening a machine shop in Detroit, which initially focused on small parts for household appliances.

Their ingenuity paid off, and just a few years later, the Dodge brothers opened their expansive Hamtramck automotive parts plant, putting them on the map forever. Not only did the Dodge brothers supply motors to industry giants like Ford, but in 1913, they tried their hand at designing their own version of the modern automobile.

A year later, Dodge's first car—the Model 30-35—was unveiled, featuring a four-cylinder engine and tailored for cruising down the open road. It didn't take long for Dodge to impress other industry trendsetters, and in 1928, the brand was bought by Chrysler—and the rest is history.

Perhaps what the Dodge name was best known for was its selection of top-performing trucks, which debuted in 1946 with the first-ever four-wheel drive, light-duty pickup in its arsenal. Thanks to wartime efforts, the Power Wagon emerged, showcasing an enclosed cabin space paired with a reinforced body, allowing travelers to take on more during their time on the road.

As the years went on, Dodge trucks became even more enhanced, with the Ram name emerging in 1974 via the Ramcharger. Ram spun off as its own brand in 2009, but Dodge continued to soar in popularity with its other performance-oriented models. From the Durango, an SUV that debuted in 1998, to the fearless Hornet, a crossover that made its way onto the scene in 2023, Dodge offers some of the most exhilarating machines in the business, designed not only for thrills but for the everyday ride.

A close up shows the steering wheel in a - 2022 Dodge Durango.

The Dodge Charger & Challenger

When it comes to prioritizing performance, there's no better selection than the Charger and Challenger.

The midsize Charger began wowing crowds when it first debuted in 1966, and after a hiatus, it re-emerged in 2006, offering drivers a new take on this Dodge classic. This famous muscle car not only showcases sleek and stylish vibes inside and out, but it also offers an exceptional ride, with its roaring V8 engine providing you with an unforgettable experience from the moment you take your place behind the wheel.

But you don't just have one V8 to choose from: you have many, offering you the intensity you crave for your daily drive. In addition to its powerful presence, the Charger offers plenty of cabin room, which can perfectly accommodate families and those traveling with more gear, making this Dodge favorite one of the most influential performance cars on the scene.

Not to be outdone, the Challenger made its debut for the 1970 model year—and when it comes to modern-day sports cars, the Challenger is an absolute beast on the streets. It's intimidating, no matter the angle you're admiring it from; with muscle car allure radiating out of every crevice, you know you'll be moving quickly in this Dodge stunner.

Its bold, athletic features and a slew of available V8s give the Challenger its commanding appeal. Not only can it jet forward with vigor, but it also showcases a refined and agile ride, allowing drivers to harness one of the most exciting experiences available in a modern-day sports car.

The Dodge Hornet

Launched for the 2023 model year, the subcompact Hornet SUV is one of the newest arrivals in the Dodge inventory—but in true Dodge fashion, it's already wowing crowds. Its small size makes it easy to handle, especially while maneuvering through dense traffic, and with multiple powertrains in the mix—including a plug-in hybrid variant—crafting the ride you desire is effortless for this small-size commuter companion.

Outside, its exterior design elements captivate you, with brilliant LED lighting, curves in all the right places, and a commanding grille. Inside, its performance-oriented cabin space allows you to harness maximum excitement, even when you're on your way to the office for the day.

Top-level innovation, large touchscreen displays, and advanced safety and driver assistance features make the Hornet perfectly capable of making the most of the everyday ride—and all-wheel drive, a specially tuned suspension system, and an exceptional chassis provide the control you've been looking for. Combine its refined ride quality with its show-stopping features, and the Hornet breathes new life into the subcompact SUV segment.

A close up shows the driver side taillight on a yellow 2024 Dodge Hornet.

The Dodge Durango

Originally launched in 1998, the Durango was designed to rival the slew of SUVs debuting around this same time. With a pickup truck platform and rugged features throughout, the Durango held its own despite the number of SUVs emerging onto the scene each year. It took a break from the Dodge lineup for a few years, re-emerging in 2011, and when it comes to three-row SUVs, the Durango sure knows how to maximize the drive.

Like the Charger and Challenger, the Durango showcases a host of skilled V8 engines in its powertrain lineup to energize your time on the road—and with a spacious interior and plenty of cargo space, accommodating your family is easy for this practical machine.

Thanks to its powerful assortment of engines, the Durango can tow like a pro while also offering a bold, confident appeal to your drive. Its muscle car appearance blends seamlessly with its SUV tendencies, making for the perfect solution for travelers who desire an assertive vehicle yet require ample functionality. When it's time to amplify family time on the road, the Dodge Durango can do this with expert efficiency.

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