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When searching for a specific vehicle make or model, you need to find a dealership that can provide you with a good selection of new and pre-owned models from that brand. This is why many drivers choose to go to an authorized dealership. Not only will they have the full lineup of the particular vehicle, but they also often carry a vast inventory of used models from the same automakers. This is certainly the case with Zimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Our inventory makes us the Chrysler dealer Kentucky drivers know and love. Since 1929, our family has been providing folks from Northern Kentucky with an unrivaled selection of new and used Chrysler models, including ones with some of the harder-to-find features.

There are many advantages to choosing to look for your next Chrysler here. Not only do we have an extensive inventory of new and pre-owned models to choose from, but we also offer expertise in the Chrysler brand. Each of our team members is knowledgeable about each Chrysler vehicle we have available for sale, so we can answer any questions you have. Our service team is trained to work on Chrysler models, and our parts department will make sure that any repairs made on your vehicle use only genuine Chrysler parts. These are just some of the reasons we are proud to be your Chrysler dealer.

A black 2024 Chrysler Pacifica is shown parked in a driveway.

Chrysler Has a Long History of Innovation

Chrysler has always been an innovative brand, from its inception in 1924, through its embrace of muscle cars in the 60s and 70s, to today, when Chrysler remains a leader in vehicle safety and technology. Chrysler was founded by Walter Chrysler, a former employee of General Motors. He looked at the auto industry in the mid-20s and saw that other automakers were building luxury cars for the wealthy or utilitarian models for working families. His goal was to bridge the gap, providing luxury at a price that most drivers could afford.

This approach worked, and Chrysler soon became one of the leading brands in America. This led it to acquire the Dodge Brothers and begin offering trucks. In addition, the company launched the Plymouth and DeSoto brands to provide cars to drivers in other price ranges. Each of these four brands would go on to develop many popular models over the years. For example, the truck lineup that started under Dodge would eventually become Ram Trucks in 2009. In addition, Chrysler and Plymouth would help usher in the era of the muscle car in the 60s with a popular lineup of sports cars. This all goes back to Chrysler's decision in the 1930s to use wind tunnels to test the aerodynamics of its models. Today, this is a standard auto industry practice.

Innovation is also showcased in Chrysler's decision to use unibody construction for most of its vehicle lineup in the 1960 model year. Unlike body-on-frame design, unibody provides better handling and more fuel-efficient vehicles. This is because unibody model vehicles are lighter than body-on-frame since there is no need for a heavy steel frame. As a result, most passenger vehicles manufactured today feature a unibody design. Once again, Chrysler led the way.

In the late 70s, automotive legend Lee Iacocca became president of Chrysler. He would help guide the company through a difficult time in the industry. One of his most significant contributions was the K-cars, a lineup of affordable models with solid fuel economy. This was a case of Chrysler understanding the needs of its customers, who were dealing with rising gas prices at the time. Chrysler also invented the minivan, a model designed with the suburban family in mind. This began a craze when the first ones hit the road in the 1984 model year. In 1987, Chrysler showed its resilience by acquiring American Motors. This acquisition included Jeep, the leading off-road and adventure vehicle brand.

Since then, the brand has undergone several different ownership changes. Today, Chrysler and its brands, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, are all part of Stellantis, one of the largest automotive companies in the world. No matter the changes, one thing has always remained the same: the commitment of Chrysler to producing innovative vehicles known for their affordability, innovation, and efficiency.

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Our New Chrysler Models Await

When you visit our dealership, you can choose the new Chrysler model you want. This is because we offer the full lineup of new Chrysler vehicles, allowing you to choose the one with the trim level, engine options, and features that you want. No matter which model you want, you can browse the many available options that come with each new Chrysler. In this way, you can make your next Chrysler model your own, reflecting the things that matter the most to you when choosing a vehicle.

Used Chrysler Models Are Stylish and Reliable

As an authorized Chrysler dealer, we always have plenty of exceptional used Chrysler models to choose from. Drivers who leased a new Chrysler will return the vehicle to us at the end of the term so that they can lease a new one. This increases our inventory of used Chryslers that we can offer. We take the mystery out of buying used vehicles by including a complimentary Carfax vehicle history report with each used model that we sell. We want you to know important information about your options, like whether the used Chrysler you are considering has been involved in an accident, been properly serviced, and whether there are any open recalls on the model.

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Our Finance Team Is Standing By to Help

If you are like most drivers, you probably want the flexibility of financing your next new or used Chrysler vehicle. Whether you lease a new model or take out a loan on a used one, financing allows you to spread out the cost of your next vehicle over time. Our friendly and knowledgeable finance team can help you fit the cost of your Chrysler into your budget. We will take the time to review your lease and loan options, walk you through each step of the process, and help you make sure that the lease or loan fits perfectly into your budget.

You can even start the financing process before you arrive at our dealership. We provide an online financing application right on our website. You can determine your eligibility for financing from the comfort of your home. It also lets you know the parameters for your next vehicle.

If you currently own a vehicle, let us provide a valuation for a trade-in. Our online tool allows you to get a value for your current vehicle, letting you know the sale price and what your trade-in is worth. Then, when you arrive at our dealership, we will check out your vehicle to confirm the quote you received online. You can then use the trade-in value as a down payment on your next new or used Chrysler. It's a great way to reduce the purchase price and also help reduce the monthly payments.

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