Oil Is Oil, Right?

August 25th, 2017 by

Oil is Oil, Right?

Many of us have been told ‘always change your oil every 3,000 miles‘. And for decades we did just that. Yet Chrysler is recommending oil changes less frequently. If ‘oil is oil’ how can that be? And does synthetic (or semi-synthetic) really make a difference? Read on and discover why Chrysler has changed its recommended intervals for changing the most crucial fluid of your engine.

-Not All Oils Are Created Equal-

While both conventional and synthetic-grade oils come from the ground the differences stop right there. Synthetics have fewer impurities and are distilled and purified for a cleaner product. This means less sludge build-up and a longer wear life as compared to a conventional oil. Less sludge, deposits, and impurities mean better longevity for your engine. This also leads to better gas mileage and continued peak performance even after tens of thousands of miles. Conventional oils today are far better than they were 20 or 30 years ago. If you are wanting superior performance and protection a synthetic or synthetic blend is the best choice for you.

-Alphanumeric Answers-

5W-30…10W-40…sometimes just looking at the label on the container can be confusing! So let’s make it a bit easier to figure out. The W signifies the weight of the oil. I higher W number the thicker the fluid is while cold. So, in a colder environment, a 5W-grade will better protect your engine upon start-up. The 2nd number you see is the viscosity number. This tells you at what thickness/viscosity your oil will stay at once it is warm. For a further in-depth discussion of these important designations see what Popular Mechanics had to say recently.

-Trust Your Service Advisor-

Better refinement and higher quality oil are leading many manufacturers to recommend longer times between oil changes. This is dependent on your mileage and how hard your vehicle is used/driven. When you schedule your appointment at Zimmer Motors we will answer any questions you may have. Any one of our Service Advisors, Service Manager or shop foreman is here for you. Should you think that you need to change the type or weight of your oil let us know. We will recommend the best option for you based on how you drive and use your vehicle. With over eighty years of serving our clients in northern Kentucky, we will set your mind at ease.

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