I Bought a New Car…Now What?

February 26th, 2018 by

New Car Sales

You spent plenty of time online after work (and during lunchtime) researching the right vehicle for your lifestyle. You found the one you want and went to the dealership. Everything went well and now you’re driving a shiny new vehicle. Yet there is more to your new car (and the dealership you bought it from) than you may realize.

-New Car Sales-

Most folks might remark ‘I just bought my car from the sales department. Why would I want to stay in touch with them?’. Establishing a good rapport with your sales consultant is the start of happy ownership. If you ever have questions about the features on your SUV they can answer them. They can keep you informed of any news about your vehicle. Not only that but if you decide to trade it in after a few years they can easily tell you your equity status. And, should you decide to add some factory accessories they have the knowledge to get that priced and scheduled for you!

-New Car Service-

When you bring your new car in for its first oil change it might seem a bit intimidating. Its busy and everyone appears to be walking with a purpose. Yet this is a good chance to meet the Service Manager and see how things work in the Service drive. You can always ask for a brief tour of the facilities to see what happens behind the scenes. This can help with your comfort level with the staff. And, if you should have any TSBs or recalls your Service Advisor will be able to help you.

-New Car Parts-

It will happen. a door ding. A small scratch in the supermarket parking lot. And the Parts staff will be ready to help you. Make it a point to stop by and see the staff in Parts. They can help you with ordering touch up paint, parts and cool stuff like t-shirts, hats and other SWAG. Plus they can offer upgrade suggestions for your Jeep, Ram or Dodge.

When you buy a new car you buy more than four wheels and shiny paint. You have a whole staff at your fingertips willing to help whenever and however they can! Stay in touch with your dealership and make your new car experience one to remember.

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