Dash Camera Video and Legalities

September 1st, 2017 by

2017 Dodge Challenger

Video content is all around us. From cell phones to dash-mounted cameras we are seeing more and more live video being shared. Data from wrecks, chases and police stops is in the news. What happens if an innocent bystander has a video of street racing or a wreck? Can it be used for prosecution? How does this affect you?

-Tracking multiple violations-

If you are taped driving a certain way or for repeated infractions, the state of Colorado will send an officer to give you a warning. It’s true. Data is being compiled by some states to see who is a repeat offender. The state of New York is using this to help with traffic disputes as well. Some citizens see this as a way to curb bad driving behavior it opens up Pandora’s Box. What if you have a loud (but legal) exhaust on your car? What if your neighbor decides to video your car and repeatedly sends it to the police? Would you then be ticketed for a noise ordinance complaint? The extra time may not worth the effort put forth by the police to enforce. And a video, as we all know, can be taken out of context if it’s only a snippet or small clip.

-Legalities and the law-

This is where things get even murkier. An incident caught by a crew member of Top Gear in the UK led to the loss of employment by two offenders. They were driving dealership trade-ins and were drag racing.  Even Canada is getting on the bandwagon in a limited fashion with regards to enforcement. But the waters are still murky with regards to prosecution here in the United States. With much at stake, Road & Track magazine took a further look into this very issue recently.

More and more technology in every car brand being sold raises the stakes. It is a matter of time that vehicle video may be tracked and compiled (much like GPS and mile per hour is done now). How law enforcement utilizes it remains to be seen. You can also research our current vehicles by Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram. That way you can see what technology is available on them. Be smart, be safe and know your rights.

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