Car Culture and our Community

August 18th, 2017 by

From car shows and county fairs to Jeep meets and all thing in between car culture is a big part of life here in northern Kentucky. Here at Zimmer Motors we have long been a part of the passion that car ownership brings. And we love to share this passion that our clients have for their vehicles. Having been a part of northern Kentucky for over eighty years we have seen it all! Our family grew up around great SUVs from Jeep and awesome performance cars from Dodge. Here are just a few nifty events that have gone on in our neck of the woods.

-Car Shows-

Getting out on a sunny day to see local hot rods is a great way to see what’s happening. Car culture is in full swing each spring and summer in Florence, Independence, and Covington. We love being involved with our fellow ‘gear heads’. This summer saw us sponsoring the 5th annual Deacon Alexander Memorial Car Show. We proud to sponsor this show.  The energy of an event like this is infectious and fun. It brings out the tall tales, stunning rides and lots of smiles and memories these classics give us. And having a large number of classics on the road here gives us all a bit of civic pride. It’s just one of the many ways we celebrate car culture with friends and family. So, if you have a classic car or truck why not see what shows are going on and participate? Don’t forget that if you are still looking for that special ride a car show is a great place to be inspired.

-County Fairs-

The best times in summer are spent at our local fairs. From the foods to the entertainment there is plenty to see and do. And car culture is awfully apparent at fairs! Usually, there are all kinds of work trucks to see from Ram 1500 up to chassis-cab sizes. If you ever wonder what truck will get the job done for you just ask the guys and gals driving ’em. The best way to see if a truck can get the job done is to see it in action. We love being a part of the Boone County Fair each year and it gives us the chance to be a part of our community. So get out there and check out what’s parked in the corral and around the fairgrounds. You might just be surprised at what shows up and what’s new and exciting to see!

-Car Clubs-

The best place to find local car culture though is in car clubs. Without a doubt, there is much to be learned and loved being in a club! For example, the local scene involves some cool Jeep clubs. The NKY Jeepers and CJKC clubs are all based on the love of Jeeps. Passionate owners of Wranglers, Cherokees and other classic rigs chat online on Facebook and meet once a month locally. Sharing tips on modifications and how to properly off-road your Jeep is just a bit of the information you can find is in these clubs. By also being family-friendly groups like these pass along the heritage of car culture and brand loyalty to our younger generations.

It’s our kids and their kids that will lead the way to keep the spirit of car culture aflame. Tom and Dick Zimmer imparted this passion to their children. Now, Catherine, Rich and John Zimmer bring this every day to our dealership. And we love to share this love of everything automotive with our clients. So look around right here in our back yard and find a slice of car culture you enjoy. Be a part of the community and show off a bit all at the same time. And we will see you on the road, online or at the show!