Car Buying Made Fun and Easy!

September 22nd, 2017 by

Car Buying

When it comes to buying a new (or used) car you are bound to get all kinds of advice. Some may be good and some not so good. Most everyone agrees that the experience can be overwhelming. The last thing we want at Zimmer Motors is for anyone to have trepidation. We like to make buying your car an easy and fun experience. While we can take care of most of the ‘fun and easy’ part there are some helpful tips we want to pass along.

-Be Relaxed-

It’s hard to relax when you start thinking about a new car purchase. From envisioning yourself behind the wheel to wondering if you’ll get the best rate and terms there is plenty to be excited about. And there are plenty of options available to get you into a new car. You can buy or lease. You can finance a short or long term. The options depend on your credit score, money down and the equity you have in your trade-in. And, at Zimmer CDJR, we have nearly 20 different lenders to find the best options for you!

-Be Prepared-

If you are looking at buying while on a car lot be prepared to go home with a new car. You may luck out and find THE one you have been after. With incentives changing weekly (sometimes) time can be of the essence. So, if you have a trade-in, have your payoff amount handy or noted somewhere. Have your vehicle cleaned out so that you don’t need to fuss over it at the dealership. Make sure your license is valid and that your insurance card is up to date. Finally, have a utility bill or mortgage/rent statement to show proof of residency.

-Be Happy-

All of these small steps will make your time with any dealership a quick and pleasant experience. Having these things in order will let you be happy and relish the joy of buying a new car. We will take care of the paperwork and line up terms for you. That’s what we are here for!

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